by | Nov 18, 2020

I was heroin addict for 20 years, I’ve been with together as long as they’ve been in my area under different companies, nearly 10 years getting support. I went to them because I was on methadone script and having my appointments there. They helped me to get funding for rehab about 7 years ago. That was the beginning of my recovery journey. I did relapse after that but it gave me understanding of what it was like to have clean time and that that there was something on the other side and it was worth the journey. When I did relapse, they were there for me and were quick to help me. I felt able to go back for help without judgement.

I had a really good recovery worker who has helped me to set goals and move forward in my life. There are groups to attend and one to one support at Together. For me it’s mostly been one to one work with my keyworker.

The turnaround for me is that I became a Christian. Some people go to AA and NA and Together can give this information, but for me, I decided to go to church. They are setting up a prayer service at Together. With that and Together helping me with my goals, I gradually came down off my methadone script in the last year. I’m now at the end of a subutex script.

I’ve started with Flourish in Nature. I didn’t know where I was going to go with my life and Flourish in Nature has really given me direction. I’m training to be an activity lead and doing the volunteer training and absolutely loving it. Hopefully in the New Year I’ll be able to take other people out on walks. It’s absolutely given me hope of a future.

I never thought I’d be going down the road of being outdoors. It’s really given me hope and a path to lead towards my future. The road I’m going down now is to be able to help others with addictions to get well and get clean and have a future, and to let people know that there is a future out there because for years I couldn’t see past it.