Service users volunteers

by | Feb 9, 2021

Survey alert! We are looking for service users volunteers!

Russell Webster and Revolving Doors Agency are working to co-produce a guide to support organisations to provide better support to service users working as volunteers (often as peer mentors). The guide will be shared widely with UK-based organisations and will give us a better understanding of what kind of support we can provide. Russel Webster and Revolving Door have set up a survey and they are hoping to conduct the largest ever survey of service users working as volunteers in the UK.

Please fill in the survey if:
You have previously been a service user of a criminal justice, drug & alcohol, homeless or complex needs organisation.
You have worked as a volunteer for one or more organisations in these areas within the last three years.

The survey is totally confidential – it will only ask for your name if you would like to provide more information. The survey takes 15 minutes to complete. Curious? Click here!